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- Maximum lines and hooks: For open water fishing it shall be unlawful for any person to fish with more than 2 lines at the same time, and no more than 3 hooks shall be attached to the same line. Artificial lures constitute hoke hook regardless of gang hooks attached. For ice fishing, no more than 4lines at the same time and no more than 3 hooks shall be attached to the same line.

- Unlawful fishing methods: Snagging is prohibited and shall not include hooking when the fish by its action takes into its mouth 

- Hoop Nets, Set Lines, Bait Traps: Free licenses are available to Tribal Members with a valid Tribal Fishing License. All hoop nets, bait traps, and set lines must possess a permit tag obtained from the department and must be checked at least every 48 hours. No more than 20 hooks may be attached to one set line.  Size specifications for hoop nets are available from the Department.


- Bait: No person may possess carp, buffalo fish, carpsuckers, goldfish, or game fish (except cleanings) as bait for hook and line fishing.

-Stocking: No person shall transport, transplant or stock any fish from one water into any other waters of the Crow Creek Reservation without expressed written permission from the Department.

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