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 Department of Wildlife


 Natural Resources

Since 1863

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Contact Information 

Conservation Officers

Telephone Number

CCTS Dept. of Natural Resources                (605)245-2187

Albert "Buc" Fallis Sr.- Wildlife Director      (605)682-8112

Rudy Gonzales Sr.- Officer                             (605)682-4296

Conrad Medicine Crow- Officer                   (605)682-1673

Tim Fleury- Officer                                         (605)730-2755

TIPS (Turn in Poachers)

The Crow Creek Wildlife Department is offering substantial rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any fish and wildlife violators. All information is strictly confidential. For more information call our office (605)245-2187 or contact a Tribal Conservation Officer. Help us protect your natural resources.

2024 Hunting Season


  • There will be a Mule deer lottery for 2024

  • There is now a new way to purchase all hunting and fishing licenses for Tribal and non tribal member. Click "login" on the main menu bar.

Thank you

The following people contributed to the new Crow Creek Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife website.

All the Tribal guides who contributed their information/ pictures for the Tribal Guide portion of the site.

Kyle Kirkie- Drone footage

Andrew Thomas- Local Pictures

Jama Bourne- Creating the website

CC Wildlife- Input and dedication to make an easier way to purchase licenses 

**Wildlife pictures taken on the Crow Creek Reservation are welcome**

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